Stretton Parish Council

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Annual Reports and Returns

The Parish Council is required to publish the following report and return on an annual basis.

Annual Report

The Annual Report of the Parish Council is published following the Annual Parish Meeting and has formed part of the proceedings at the meeting.  The Report contains the Chairman’s review, activities and achievements of the Council and community grants awarded.

Annual Accounts and Governance Return

The Parish Council have to complete an annual return which needs to be approved by Full Council by 30th June and submitted to the appointed auditor by the date set.  This return includes the Annual Accounting Statement and Annual Governance Statement which are both subject to internal and external scrutiny along with supporting documents.  On completion of the external audit the Parish Council is required to publish this return .

Annual Return  2013/14 Annual Return  2014/15 Annual Return  2015/16 Annual Return  2012/13 Annual Notice 2015/16 Auditor Certificate 2015/16 Audit Completion Notice 2015/16 Annual Notice 2016/17 Annual Return  2016/17 Auditor Certificate 2016/17 Audit Completion Notice 2016/17 Annual Notice 2017/18 Annual Return  2017/18 Auditor Certificate 2017/18 Audit Completion Notice 2017/18 Annual Notice 2018/19 Annual Return  2018/19